Tobermorey Station – Staff Vacancies

Tobermorey Station has filled all of our seasonal staff positions for 2024.  Recruitment for the 2025 season will commence Dec 2024.

If you are keen to get a headstart on next year, resumes can be sent to the Managers at any time – please ensure you have references available.

Photo Credit – Tobermorey Ringers – Stephanie Coombes Creative
Photo Credit – Header Image – Muster –  Ms Georgia Vermey


Tobermorey Station – Seasonal and Short-Term Positions

Only wanting to stop and be part of the team for a short while?   Short term positions at Tobermorey are suitable for grey nomads, international travellers or travelling families.  They are flexible and can be negotiated to fit in with your ‘adventure’.  Please email us if and register your interest for 2025.  Opportunities exist in 2024 in the areas of:

  • Seasonal Tourism & Front Desk – (Jun – Sep)
  • Rally Support Event Staff ( 15 – 25 Jun 2024)
  • Housekeeping (Aug – Sep 2024)

Volunteer Positions

If you are travelling through Tobermorey and are looking for volunteering opportunities?  Are you a grey nomad and are looking to park up for a couple of weeks and be part of the station life.  If you have skills in these areas, let us know when you arrive:

  • Rally Support Event Staff ( 15 – 25 Jun 24)
  • Butcher (able to break down a beast)
  • Plant Operator – grader or scraper
  • Knife sharpener – using a stone
  • Musician (sing live @ the ‘Meathouse’)
  • Hairdresser
  • IT or Communications
  • Signwriting
  • Experienced Gardener

Redrock Trading Co – Jobs

Tobermorey Station is part of family owned and operated Redrock Trading Company (RTC).  In addition to Tobermorey, RTC operates beef breeding and fattening properties throughout Central Queensland.

Positions Available:

  • Leading Hand
  • Mechanic
  • Station hands

Location: Central Qld

Applicants are required to have proven experience in working with cattle, previous experience on both horses and motorbikes and with all aspects of working on a station eg. Yard work, mustering, fencing etc.
Singles and Couples will be considered.
Applicants with the following will be looked on favourably:
– Helicopter license
– HR truck license
Applications with Resume to be sent to: [email protected]