Trail Running & Scenic Walks

Tobermorey Station features 9 different walking or running trails available exclusively for guests staying at the Station.  Tobermorey trails are the perfect way to take in the beautiful outback scenery or get in some training enroute to fabulous events such as the Australian Outback Marathon.

Trails start with the 1km Levy Loop which gives a birds eye view of the Station and its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, through to the 16km Tobermorey Loop taking you around the perimeter of the ‘House Paddock’.   If you love a piece of outback history & mystery then the Bookkeeper’s Grave 2.5km trail is for you!

The trails are for walkers or runners only (no vehicles) and are suitable for all skill levels.   Trails all start at the Station Store and are sign-posted to guide you.   Come and explore the magic of a Central Australian sunrise or sunset on a Tobermorey Trail!

Photo Credit – Coolibah – Mrs Kay Heffernan
Photo Credit – Tobermorey Lucy – Mr Jack Speed

Bullwinkle Photography

Birdwatching & Stargazing

The Northern Territory is home to expansive and varying eco-systems from desert, savannah woodlands, sandstone plateaus to wetlands.  It also welcomes unique weather patterns – a perfect combination that brings in over 400 bird species.

Tobermorey Station is a paradise for birders and listers alike!  Located adjacent to the Piturie Creek the Station is home to seasonal water birds and a diverse range of species including Brolgas, Wedge Tail Eagles, Australian Bustards, Finches, Cockatoos, Honeyeaters, Budgerigars, Woodswallows and Doves to name but a few.

Like bird watching, star gazing and astro-photography is something to behold at Tobermorey.  Pristine clear skys, the elevation of the Tobermorey levy bank will give you an uninterupted view of the universe in a beautiful outback setting – what more could you ask for?  You can marvel at the Milky Way and you might even see the ‘Starlink’ satellites whiz by!

Photo Credit – Female Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo & Black-faced Woodswallows – taken @ Tobermorey – Bullwinkle Photography
Header Credit – Brolga – taken @ Tobermorey – Bullwinkle Photography

Station Experiences & Tours

There is always something going on at the homestead at Tobermorey!  We have a range of tours and experiences available that give our guests an insight into Station Life and function.

Our tours and experiences available are:

  • Join us for Neighbours Night – Where the Stations get together at the Meathouse Bar for drinks and a BBQ – 1st Saturday of every month – March through to November.
  • Homestead Animal Talk and Feeding – kids love this one!
  • Guided Homestead Tour – see where we eat, sleep and work when were not out mustering.
  • Station Cooking Experience – Learn to cook a station favourite or camp oven meal.
  • Sunset drinks & cheese board on the levy bank
  • ‘Running Man Rock’ Helicopter flights – see more on our Aviation page
  • Helicopter Joy Flights and Aviation Tours – see more on our Aviation page.

Register your interest for tours or experiences on arrival, via our booking system or by contacting us.

Photo Credit – Tobermorey Helicopter – Di East, Photo Prose Creative.

Running Man Rock & Charter Flights

After being featured in the recent SBS documentary ‘Ray Martin: Mysteries of the Outback’ the secret of ‘Running Man Rock’ is out.

Ray, along with his friend famed photographer Ken Duncan, tell the story of being in a plane above western Qld when he identified a strange rock formation more than 12,000 metres below him.  He called it ‘Running Man Rock’, because he thought it resembled a Dreamtime figure rushing through the wilderness.

Running Man Rock is just one of the joy or charter flights that may be available at Tobermorey Station.  To find out more head to our Aviation page or call the Station to register your interest.